Organizations today are challenged to manage a rising number of increasingly complex agreements with partners, suppliers, and licensees to effectively run their business. Managers of these records continue to be hindered by disparate systems and inconsistent processes, resulting not only in poor agreement compliance, but also in the fundamental tasks of searching, retrieving, and sharing critical information. It’s easy for financial information, key dates, responsibilities, and important legal data to get buried within the context of these lengthy documents.

Introducing Agreement Maps
Agreement Maps deliver comprehensive flowchart reports that extract out and graphically summarize (“map”) the business terms of mission critical agreements. These include agreements such as licensing, R&D, Mergers and Acquisitions, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and ventures. A thorough “human” analysis combined with unique software tools highlight all-important financial events, decision points, and other key activities. This creates a vital tool for Executive Management to quickly determine where they are within the requirements of the agreement relative to their current business. It also allows them to facilitate an understanding of whether or not a given agreement still makes good business sense.

Agreement Map
Sample of a complex business agreement