Front Door

Economic & Corporate Development

TreMonti offers an affordable solution to institutions that have reorganized their research offering around the “Centers of Excellence” concept, or are looking to restructure their research capabilities to facilitate engagement with industry and external partners. TreMonti has over 150 higher education clients and has over a decade of experience helping our clients directly engage with industry.

Building a Front Door to Industry

A Front Door at a college or university is the single, clear point of contact and entry for the community and industry to engage with the university. Academia has many well-established and well-managed front doors. Admissions, Alumni Relations, Athletics and Giving are just a few examples of how professionals in university administration liaise with the community to make engagements simple, fluid and attractive.

Forming Centers of Excellence

The foreseeable economic climate and the reduction/limitations in Federal Sponsored Research have many universities creating new departments, policies and approaches to increase industry outreach and privately funded research activity. Some universities refer to this structure as the “Open Laboratory” concept. The structure behind this concept includes clustering or organizing academic and research departments into centers of excellence. The result is a simple and more effective method to holistically represent the research offerings of the university. The front door to this structure is referred to by many names, such as Office of Industry Engagement, Corporate Development, Economic Development and others. Larger research institutions are staffing these departments with professionals that have the mission of engaging industry (including other non-government research funders) and guiding them to the center of excellence that best suits their sponsored research needs.