Assessing and triaging disclosed technologies are fundamental challenges faced by every technology transfer office. It is a necessary step in making a decision whether or not to secure and continue IP protection. Since its inception, TreMonti has provided its clients with thousands of commercial assessments. Every one of our assessments is unique to the technology being reviewed and to the client we are serving.

Commercial assessmentCritical elements

TreMonti’s clients are typically looking for three critical elements from our assessment of their technology or invention:

  • Does the technology or invention merit further investment at this stage of development?
  • What is the commercial opportunity?
  • Exactly who are the potential commercial partners that this technology should be marketed to and what is the value proposition?

These questions are best answered from people who have the industry and scientific expertise to understand our clients’ technologies and industry requirements. TreMonti always hires the best people from industry, and this is truly what distinguishes us from our competition.

TreMonti is happy to share samples of our assessments upon request.