2023 Tech Transfer Training Event


May 18th and 19th

Hyatt Regency, Reston VA


Day 1 – 10am Start

  • Overview of the Lifecycle of Technology Transfer

Morning Session 

  • Pre-Disclosure
  • Disclosure
  • Evaluation
  • Protection

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session 

  • Commercialization
  • Marketing
  • Licensing
  • Compliance

Wrap by 4pm

Day 2 –8:00 am start

  • Modules
  • Licensing Associate/Business Development
  • Managing your Portfolio
  • Patent Prosecution – managing process and the people (the role of the LA, Patent Attorney, and Inventor)
  • Agreements
  • Importance of Communicating
  • Internal – Keeping your client informed
  • External
  • Operational Support
  • Navigating the University – how you can help your office by developing relationships within the University
  • Reporting
  • External – I-Edison, AUTM, etc.
  • Internal – Administration, Colleges (Anticipating the Questions)
  • The value of the Database (the central nervous system of the Office) – “Good input = Good output”
  • Agreements
  • Wrap Up 2pm for PM flights if desired

Please email Matt Dieterle at mdieterle@tremonticonsulting.com with your desired attendees’ names and contact information so that we can forward the registration form.