Technology Assessment & Marketing Solutions

TreMonti specializes in unlocking your intellectual property’s full potential through meticulous technology assessments and dynamic marketing strategies. Our tailored approach ensures that each innovation receives the attention it deserves to transform academic breakthroughs into commercial successes.

Technology Assessments

We leverage an extensive network of diverse experts to provide comprehensive assessments with the essential insights required to make informed protection and marketing decisions. Our assessments offer clear guidance on the appropriate strategic direction to propel your innovations to success.

Marketing Materials

We assist institutions in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with potential industry partners. From origin stories to IP status, we cover all the essentials, ensuring that every marketing document is presented in a “market-appropriate” fashion. Leveraging our expertise and extensive resources, we develop non-confidential marketing materials highlighting the technology’s potential benefits, the research behind it, market size, IP status, and how to acquire rights to the technology. All marketing materials undergo rigorous approval before public disclosure, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Active Technology Marketing

We actively identify and engage a targeted and curated list of prospective partners and buyers to facilitate meaningful connections. Our tailored marketing plans outline strategic approaches for reaching these decision-makers. We provide regular feedback and guidance throughout every step of the process. Once licensing contacts are established, we transition our marketing efforts to the appropriate partner to execute the transaction.


We help in all functions of Technology Transfer. If you have another need that isn’t listed, please contact us.