Operations Support & Government Compliance

TreMonti is fully staffed to support all aspects of agreement administration and government compliance for technology transfer and commercialization offices.

Agreement Compliance

TreMonti can handle all aspects of agreement maintenance and compliance for our clients. Royalty and financial reviews, as well as audits  for reporting and documentation obligations are available as individual projects or in bulk.

Business Continuity Support

TreMonti can provide support and continuity during a change in leadership, management, structure, or focus of an IP management program.

iEdison Reporting and Management Services

TreMonti is staffed to assist with Bayh-Dole compliance and federal reporting.  These services include Bayh-Dole compliance, federal reporting review, reconciliation of existing iEdison notifications, and compliance training.

U.S. Manufacturing Requirements

TreMonti can assist with U.S. manufacturing reviews and requirements.


We help in all functions of Technology Transfer. If you have another need that isn’t listed, please contact us.