Front Door

Marketing & Commercial Engagement

The dissemination of new knowledge, products, and services is an integral aspect of a successful research enterprise. The preparation of a go-to market strategy that showcase and highlight one’s research results is imperative. The services described below will assist in presenting your solutions and technologies to the appropriate buyers which will lead to new relationships, sponsored research, and license deals.

Non-Confidential Marketing Summaries/Slicks

Develop and prepare marketing materials that succinctly identify a problem and the value proposition of the provided solution.

Technology Marketing Services

Actively market opportunities to potential partners via a multi-prong engagement approach (i.e., email campaigns, engagement through professional platforms, phone calls, etc.)

Research Marketing Services

Our firm has a robust network of national and international entities that we can leverage to further collaborations and strategic research initiatives.

Partnering and Training Events

TreMonti provides networking opportunities and training events for clients.


We help in all functions of Technology Transfer. If you have another need that isn’t listed, please contact us.