Licensing Support Services

TreMonti’s team of seasoned experts can advise and administer all types of Agreements utilized in the management of IP assets.

Commercialization Assessments

TreMonti has a team of business and technology professionals, as well as an extensive network of experts with familiarization in a wide variety of disciplines.  This allows for the prompt analysis and generation of a written report for any technology or technology portfolio.  These reports can be either a “Fast-Track” or a “Comprehensive” assessment.

Comparable Transactions Report

Knowing royalty rates, milestone payments, and license fees for comparable licenses is beneficial when negotiating and providing support for terms to internal stakeholders. The range of acceptable license rates, milestone payments, and fees is often based on an understanding of the valuation of the IP, the market at the time, and available information about existing licenses for similar transactions.

Technology Valuation Services

Placing a value on a technology or bundle of technologies as of a current date is beneficial.  TreMonti can assist with estimating the fair market value for technologies, ventures, patents, and patent portfolios.

Unlicensed Backlog Services/Portfolio Review

Maintaining unlicensed patent portfolios is expensive.  This service will assist in reviewing the backlog, quickly evaluating the commercial potential, and prioritizing each asset.

Negotiation Support Services

TreMonti can provide agreement negotiation assistance and support in drafting new licensing agreements or term sheets, as well as ancillary agreements such as IIA’s, Royalty Sharing Agreements, and all agreements that span the life of an intellectual property asset.


We help in all functions of Technology Transfer. If you have another need that isn’t listed, please contact us.